What Are Some Good Resources for Learning Fractions?


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Video lessons, printable worksheets and online games are some good resources to help students of all ages develop a better understanding of fractions. Several organizations offer teaching aids such as these, including Khan Academy, Enchanted Learning, Math Playground and SoftSchools.com.

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Khan Academy offers comprehensive sections on fractions that cover third-, fourth- and fifth-grade Common Core standards. Each section includes grade-appropriate concepts, beginning with basic recognition and progressing to multiplication and division with mixed numbers. The site uses a combination of video lessons and assessment questions to help students learn and review fractions.

Enchanted Learning publishes a variety of printable resources for learning fractions, including worksheets that require students to color fractions of objects, fraction booklets and fraction comparison worksheets. The site also offers a printable dominoes game with fractions and a pattern for a fraction wheel.

Online games provide students with a fun way to learn and review various concepts dealing with fractions. The games at Math Playground help students learn to order and compare fractions, recognize equivalent fractions, and match fractions to percentages. At SoftSchools.com the "Pizza Game" lets players make fractions by serving slices of pizza. The website also has addition and subtraction games with fractions, matching games, and games that use number lines to help students learn fractions.

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