What Are Some Good Online Math Resources for Sixth Graders?

What Are Some Good Online Math Resources for Sixth Graders?

AdaptedMind.com, MathABC.com and IXL.com are good resources for practicing sixth grade math concepts. FunBrain.com and Math-Play.com provide learning games for sixth grade students to practice target math skills.

AdaptedMind.com has several lessons for sixth grade math. Each lesson includes an instructional video, explanations for every step of the problem and 500 problems for practicing the skill. Examples of math topics include fractions, algebra, integers, geometry and percents. Using the site is free, but membership requires registration.

MathABC.com also offers numerous lessons for sixth grade math concepts. Each subtopic includes a star rating system that denotes the level of difficulty.

IXL.com organizes the lessons by aligning them with the state standards. A user can see an example of each target skill by hovering a mouse over the link. The site tracks students' scores and increases the difficulty of the problems as they improve.

FunBrain.com has many games for practicing sixth grade math. The "Penguin Waiter Percent Game" teaches children about percentages and how to calculate a tip. "What's the Point?" teaches children how to read a graph.

On Math-Play.com, sixth grade students can practice skills such as factoring, determining place values, simplifying fractions, ordering operations and classifying geometric figures. Children can play an online version of "Jeopardy" to review the basic operations with fractions.