What Are Some Good Lessons on Subtracting Integers?


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AAAMath.com, MathGoodies.com and MathsIsFun.com are online tutoring websites that offer lessons on how to subtract positive and negative integers. All three sites have different tools and methods of teaching, so students have a variety of learning sources.

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AAAMath.com states that the rule for subtracting integers involves altering the sign of the integer that is to be subtracted. Positive integer signs result in positive answers, and negative integer signs result in negative answers. If the integers have opposing signs, as in one negative and one positive, subtract the smaller absolute value from the larger absolute value. The sign used in the answer is the same sign in the larger absolute value. The website offers examples of this lesson in addition to a platform where students can solve practice equations.

MathGoodies.com teaches lessons in the form of written problems paired with solutions. A number line is used to demonstrate how to solve equations by calculating the difference using a visual method of physically counting the number line notches. In addition, the website offers sample exercises for students to practice with.

MathsIsFun.com breaks down every step of the process in detail, so the student can digest the concept in fragments. The lesson entails the use of a number line in addition to an explanation using balloons and weights as an easy-to-understand reference. As of 2015, the website provides an interactive game called "Casey Runner," which allows students to learn while still having fun.

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