What Are Some Good Ideas for Perimeter Math Worksheets?


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Worksheets featuring basic straight-lined geometric shapes such as triangles, rectangles and squares present a good starting point for practicing perimeter calculations. Non-rectangular parallelograms, polygons with more than four sides and circular shapes can also be included as more challenging exercises for advanced students.

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A perimeter is the cumulative distance around a closed plane shape. For example, a rectangle with a length of 4 inches and a width of 3 inches would have a perimeter of 14 inches, as the total of two sides of 4 inches each and two sides of 3 inches each.

A circle's perimeter is known as its circumference and is calculated by multiplying its diameter by the value pi. More creative opportunities to practice perimeter calculations include the use of graph paper to construct a variety of block-like shapes and the measurements of real-life spaces, such as floor plans or hockey rinks.

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