What Are Some Geometric Terms?

Some geometric terms are line, segment and point. Other geometric terms include degree, chord, triangle, parallel and perpendicular. Some geometric terms used for measurements include radius, diameter, area, angle and circumference. Some geometric terms for shapes include square, rectangle, parallelogram, pentagon and hexagon. Other shapes are heptagon, octagon, polygon, trapezoid and polyhedron.

There are five different types of triangle terms: right triangles, which have a 90-degree angle and two other angles with a sum equal to 90 degrees; obtuse triangles, which have one angle that is greater than 90 degrees; equilateral triangles, which have three 60-degree angles; isosceles triangles, which have two sides that are congruent and two angles that are congruent; and acute triangles, which have no degree larger than 90 degrees.

Some terms for geometric angles include acute angles, which are smaller than 90 degrees; right angles, which are exactly 90 degrees; obtuse angles, which measure more than 90 degrees; straight angles, which measure exactly 180 degrees; and reflex angles, which measure more than 180 degrees. A full rotation is an angle that measures 360 degrees.

Altitude is another geometric term. Altitude is the shortest distance between the base of a geometric figure's base and its top. Some geometric terms that include this measurement are altitude of a cone, altitude of a cylinder, altitude of a parallelogram, altitude of a pyramid and altitude of a prism. Altitude of a trapezoid and altitude of a triangle are two more terms that reference this geometric measurement.