What Is the Formula for Volume in Math?

The formula for the volume V of a cube is V = a³, where "a" is the length of an edge. The volume of a solid body is the amount of space it occupies.

The volume V of a rectangular box with length L, width W and height H, is given by V = L • W • H. The volume of a cone is given by 1/3 • ? • r² • h, where "r" is the radius, and "h" is the height.

Volume is expressed in cubic units, and Wolfram Mathworld provides the formulas for the volume of a cylinder, pyramid, sphere and other common surfaces. The volume of an object is a function of its temperature. When an object is heated, its particles move more, and it takes up a larger volume. This is known as thermal expansion. When the temperature drops, the object's volume contracts.