What Are First Grade Fractions?


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First grade fractions involve teaching young students concepts, such as using different shapes to identify parts of a whole. Using fraction lessons, a teacher can demonstrate to students the fractions 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4. Similarly, a first grader learns about equal and unequal parts of a whole.

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In order for a child to learn fractions, a teacher uses a shape like a circle or a square and divides it into equal parts. For example, by color shading in one part of a circle that is equally divided into four parts, a teacher can depict the fraction 1/4.

Using this same circular shape, a teacher can also teach children about unequal parts by showing that 1/4 is not equal to 3/4, the unshaded part of the circle.To show equal parts, she can divide a new circle into two parts. Many lesson plans on fractions for first graders also utilize objects like candy and pizzas.

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