How Do I Figure Out Percentages?


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A percentage is a math term that allows for a comparison of one amount in relation to another. Computing a percentage involves division and simple decimal conversion, according to Calculator Soup.

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How Do I Figure Out Percentages?
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  1. Set up division formula

    Put the number of desired items or outcomes over the number of total possible outcomes. If a person makes five out of eight basketball shots, the formula is 5/8 or 5 divided by 8.

  2. Calculate the answer

    The answer to 5 divided by 8 in decimal form is 0.625.

  3. Multiply by 100

    To convert a decimal to a percentage, multiply it by 100. The result of 0.625 multiplied by 100 is 62.5; therefore, a person who makes five out of eight shots has a 62.5 percent success rate.

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