How Do I Figure Out My Class Grade Percentage?

For one to figure out their class grade percentage, they need to plug their individual grades into the formula that the teacher is using to determine their final grade. In most classes, different elements are worth a stated percentage of the whole grade. For instance, the midterm exam could be worth 20 percent, the final exam worth 20 percent, the assignments worth 50 percent, and class participation worth 10 percent.

First one needs to determine their average percentage grade for each element is considered in the final grade. If there are 40 weekly assignments, the student needs to add those 40 grades together and divide by 40 to find their average assignment grade. If any assignments were skipped by the student, those assignments get added in as a zero, but the student should still divide by 40.

Once the student has all of the needed numbers, they need to plug those into the final grade formula. The student should multiply the average grade in each category by the relevant percentage points. For instance, if the average grade on their assignments is 80 percent and assignments are worth 50 percent of the final grade, the student needs to multiply 80 x .50 which equals 40. Once the student has done this to all of their grades, they should add the results together to get their final grade percentage, then convert that to a letter grade based on the formula chosen by the teacher or professor.