What Features Does the Casio HR-100TM Have?

The Casio HR-100TM features a printer, a 12-digit LCD display and two-color printing. With the key rollover feature and the ability to print two lines per second, this calculator helps save time and effort. The calculator also features important functions such as cost price, selling price, margin of profit, tax calculation and currency conversion.

The Casio HR-100TM's large key layout and plastic keys allow comfortable operation while reducing errors. Ideal for office and home, this calculator simplifies lengthy financial computations. The calculator features a full decimal system, floating fixed with round off. The calculator's large, bright display area helps users read results easily. It also features an item counter function, a percentage function and an independent four-key memory. The calculator's markup-markdown key helps simplify cost and profit calculation.

This calculator comes with an AC adapter and requires four AA batteries. The calculator's two-color printing allows the user to print positive values in black, while printing negative values in red. This calculator also offers printouts of results along with each calculation step.

The Casio HR-100TM offers a convenient solution for basic math and financial tasks, including tracking budgets for homes. This calculator also works for business purposes, including accounting, financial services and tax reports.