What Are the Factors of 75?

factors-75 Credit: Getty Images Europe/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The factors of 75 are 1, 3, 5, 15, 25 and 75. The factors may be determined by dividing 75 by whole numbers starting from 1. If the resulting quotient is also a whole number, then both the divisor and quotient are factors of the number.

The number 75 can be derived from the multiplication of these three possible combinations: 1 and 75, 3 and 25, and 5 and 15.

Any whole number has at least two factors, the most basic being 1 and the number itself. One practical way of determining the factors of a number is to write them in ascending order, with the number 1 at the leftmost side of the row and the number itself at the rightmost. The next step is to divide the number by 2 to check if the quotient is a whole number. If so, the two factors should be written next to 1 and the number. The process is repeated by using 3, 4, and so on until the series of factors reaches a pair of numbers that doesn't have a whole number factor in between them. The series of written numbers are the factors of the number in question.

The term "factor" is used in multiplication and is one of the four basic arithmetic operations. Two whole numbers multiplied together to form a product are called factors.