What Are Expanding Logarithms?


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Using known properties of logarithms, one can expand a complex logarithmic expression into a series of simpler expressions. Logarithmic expressions are abbreviated with log and may involve combinations of multiplication, division and exponents.

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What Are Expanding Logarithms?
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Logarithmic expressions that contain multiplied terms are expanded by splitting the expression into the logarithms for each individual term added together. For instance, the log of a times b equals the log of a plus the log of b. When terms in a logarithmic expression are divided, expanding the expression requires subtracting the logs of the terms. The log of a divided by b equals the log of a minus the log of b. Finally, the logarithm of a number raised to an exponent equals the exponent times the log of the original number. Many logarithmic expressions involve combinations of terms, and a series of steps is needed for proper expansion.

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