What Are Some Examples of Pre-Algebra Word Problems?


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An example of a pre-algebra word problem is found in the following: A football player wants to load up with carbohydrates the night before a game. He wants to eat no more than 2,000 calories. He is eating pancakes and syrup. Each pancake has 168 calories, and each serving of syrup has 32 calories. Assuming he eats one serving of syrup with one pancake, how many pancakes can he eat?

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Another example is found in the following word problem: George and his friends went to a football game at the university. Each normal ticket costs $6.50; however, because George and his friends are students, each was given a $1.75 discount. The group paid a total of $33.25. How many people total were in George's group?

Another example follows: Maurice wants to fly to France, but he needs to save $1,800 to purchase airfare. He is able to save $90 each week and currently has $360. To learn how many more weeks (w) it will take Maurice to save enough money, solve 360 + 90w = 1,800.

Also, Sandra had $27 dollars when she visited the concession stand. Every item at the concession stand costs the same amount. After leaving the concession stand, she had $12 left. She bought five items. How much did each item cost?

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