What Are Some Examples of Fractions in Every Day Life?

Telling time, baking cakes and shopping with discounts are some examples of fractions in everyday life. Each of these activities affect the daily life of the average person and use multiple fractions.

When telling time, people use the terms quarter past, half past and quarter till. This is because telling time uses the number of minutes past the current hour over the number 60, the total number of minutes in an hour. For example, 36 minutes past the hour is the same as 36 over 60, which reduces to the fraction three-fifths.

When baking cakes, people must use fractional values of ingredients. For example, a cup of milk is a fraction of the milk that comes from a whole gallon. Bakers use salt in fractional measurements, such as one quarter or a half teaspoon. Bakers also use fractions for measuring what they need out of a pound of butter or a bag of chocolate chips, such as a quarter pound of butter or a half cup of chocolate chips.

For shopping scenarios, stores offer customers fractions off the purchase price of items, such as half off, a third off and three-quarter sales. Other everyday fractions include ordering a quarter-pound cheeseburger or walking half way down the block.