What Are Some Examples of Calculus 2 Problems?


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Dr. Paul Dawkins, math professor at Lamar University, outlines the topics covered in the calculus 2 course, which build on the knowledge of previous calculus topics such as limits, basic integration, derivatives and integration by substitution. The UC Davis Department of Mathematics webpage on calculus has a list of different types of calculus problems and their solutions. Some problems tackled are on the limits of functions.

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What Are Some Examples of Calculus 2 Problems?
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Calculus 2 covers topics on integration techniques, applications of integrals, parametric equations and polar coordinates, sequences and series, vectors and three-dimensional space. The integration techniques covered include integration by parts, which is crucial not only for success in the course but will be frequently applied in other courses. The challenging aspect of calculus 2 is that it requires the student to understand the techniques taught and to think about how to apply the techniques to problems. A student can easily remember the integration by parts formula, but the student must determine whether it can be used on a particular problem and which parts correspond to similar parts in the formula. Another challenge is most problems can be solved using several techniques, and it is up to the student to determine the easiest technique for each problem.

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