What Are Some Examples of 6th Grade Math Problems?


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Some examples of sixth grade math problems include problems involving coordinate graphs, such as graphing the points -1 and -7 on a coordinate plane. Sixth graders are also expected to manipulate fraction problems, such as dividing 1/3 by 1/2 and writing the answer as a proper fraction, whole or mixed number.

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Sixth graders learn several categories of math that include basic math functions, such as multiplication and division, and consumer math problems that involve practical application in the world like evaluating coupons and calculating tax and sale prices. Sixth graders may be expected to solve word problems involving estimation; distance and direction; and logical reasoning. They also learn categories and traits of numbers, such as whole numbers, decimal numbers, integers and rational numbers.

Lessons about numbers include number theory, standard and scientific notation, prime and composite numbers, factors, common factors and common multiples. Statistics introduce students to ideas such as means, medians and modes as well as evaluating charts and sample sizes. Lessons on graphing and charting cover types of plots, such as line and bar graphs, and determining the best graph for the data. Measurement lessons include metric and customary systems and how to add, subtract and convert these units.

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