What Is an Example of a Geometry Tutorial?


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A geometry tutorial may cover the basic concepts used in planar geometry or cover a specific aspect of geometry more extensively. A tutorial often includes sample problems, lists key concepts and explains the application of different theorems.

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What Is an Example of a Geometry Tutorial?
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An introductory tutorial that provides an overview on geometry may cover the different types of angles, the definition of a line, the different types of triangles, the meaning of the term polygon, the use of congruent and similar figures in geometry problems, the relationship between transversal and parallel lines and the parts of a circle. In contrast, a tutorial on a more specific area of geometry, such as coordinate graphing, may cover the Cartesian plane, the meaning of quadrants and ordered pairs, the direction of negative and positive values and worksheets with problems pertaining to the tutorial material.

Other types of focused tutorials may cover topics in radians, platonic solids, the perimeters, areas and volumes of shapes, transformations, proofs, geometric constructions, the Pythagorean Theorem and the different parts of a triangle. Geometry tutorials that cover triangles may also include information on the different functions of trigonometry. A tutorial on analytic geometry may teach the distance formula, the midpoint formula and the application of analytic geometry in word problems.

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