What Is the Easiest Way to Solve a Math Word Problem?


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The easiest way to answer a math word problem is to identify what the problem is asking. Once the problem has been identified, use the provided information to get the numbers and operations needed to solve it.

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To solve a math word problem easily, start by identifying all of the information needed to solve the problem. For example, if a person named John had six apples and he shared half of those apples with a person named Amy, the word problem may ask how many apples John has left.

The information needed to solve the problem above is how many apples John has to start with, which is set in the first sentence as six. Once the number is identified, figure out the operator needed to get the answer. In this problem, the operation is division since you need to find out the number of apples John has when six is cut in half. The final step is finding the number that is needed to finish the equation. In this instance, the number is two since the number of John's apples is cut in half.

After the operator and the two numbers are found, the math word problem becomes a standard math problem that can easily be solved.

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