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DreamBox Math is an online adaptive learning program designed for children at the kindergarten through 8th grade levels that assesses each student's progress and adjusts the lesson plan accordingly. The interactive online platform, which was created by DreamBox Learning, a Washington State company, can analyze more than 48,000 discrete information points each hour, and use the results obtained to provide the student with the best possible lesson at the correct time, as stated on the company's website.

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The learning engine that was designed into DreamBox Math is a feature that differentiates the program from other kindergarten through either grade student-interactive platforms, as noted in a review published by HomeschoolMath.net. The program contains an enormous number of different learning paths it can progress a student through, but the actual path that the learner takes is decided by the program through its click-by-click analysis of each individual student's progress. The program provides a customized curriculum for each learner by first determining that the student has fully mastered a concept before progressing further.

Algebraic reasoning and conceptual understanding are emphasized within each of DreamBox Math's customized student curriculum. The program accomplishes this by presenting each new concept with a visual and manipulative approach, such as snap blocks or a number line, before moving on to an abstract problem-solving method. To keep students engaged, DreamBox Math makes use of rewards as motivators. As they progress, learners can unlock new games, win badges and earn coins that enable them to customize their interactive learning area with music and backgrounds of their own choosing. Program subscriptions are available in both English and Spanish formats, and include technical support 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week, as noted by DreamBox Learning.

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