How Do You Draw a Hexagonal Pyramid Net?

Draw a hexagonal pyramid net by creating six triangles side by side on a piece of paper, cutting out the final shape and folding accordingly. This requires paper, a writing utensil, scissors, and glue or tape. This is a simple craft project that can easily be completed in under an hour.

  1. Draw the triangles

    For the final shape to form a three-dimensional image, a hexagonal pyramid needs to consist of six connected triangles. On a piece of paper, draw six triangles side by side, ensuring that each triangle shares one side with the next. The triangles should create a half-circle once completed.

  2. Draw a hexagon

    Draw a hexagon that shares one side with the triangle on either edge. This acts as the base of the hexagonal pyramid.

  3. Include tabs

    Draw tabs on the bottoms of the other five triangles. Include a tag on the open side of the triangle attached to the hexagon.

  4. Assemble the final product

    Cut out the shape, fold the paper along each triangle, and fold the tabs into the blank side of the paper. Finally, once all of the tabs and triangles are folded, glue or tape each tab to the hexagon to create the three-dimensional hexagonal pyramid shape.