How Do You Divide Fractions?

To divide fractions, you must find the reciprocal of the divisor. Multiply the dividend and the reciprocal of the divisor, and simplify the result if possible.

  1. Find the reciprocal of the second number

    To find the reciprocal of the divisor, flip the divisor so that the bottom number is on top and the top is on the bottom. If it is a whole number, write a "1" underneath it, and flip the numbers.

  2. Turn any mixed fractions into improper fractions

    If you have mixed fractions, turn them into improper fractions by multiplying the denominator with the whole number. Add the result to the numerator.

  3. Multiply using the reciprocal

    Once you have found the reciprocal of the divisor, multiply the dividend with the reciprocal. To do this, multiply the two numerators, then multiply the two denominators.

  4. Simplify the resulting fraction

    Check to see if the numbers in the resulting fraction have a common factor. If they do, find the greatest common factor that divides equally into the numerator and denominator, and simplify the fraction.

  5. Check your work

    To make sure that your answer is correct, multiply the answer with the original divisor. If this result is the same fraction as the dividend, then your answer is correct.