How Do You Divide a Circle With Eight Equal Pieces With Three Straight Lines?

To divide a circle into eight equal pieces with three straight lines, first draw two diameters that partition the circle into four sections. Next, separate and rearrange the sections, and then use a third line to cut them in half. The line segments inside the circle are chords, and diameters are chords that are in the middle of a circle.

  1. Divide the circle in half

    Draw a light mark at the center of the circle you wish to partition. Use a ruler to draw a horizontal line across this mark. The line is a diameter that divides the circle into two parts.

  2. Divide the circle into quarters

    Place a ruler so that it is perpendicular to the mark. Draw a line from the circle’s top to its bottom so that it splits into four equal parts.

  3. Separate the parts, and rearrange them

    Use a pair of scissors to cut along the diameters in order to separate the pieces. Place these pieces on top of each other so that they form a stack.

  4. Create the eight pieces

    Lightly pencil a line down the middle of the stack’s top piece. Carefully use scissors to cut along this line. The circle should now be split into eight pieces that are the same size.