Are Differential Equations Hard?


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The difficulty of differential equations depends on the particular problem. Since a differential equation can be any equation which contain derivatives, either ordinary or partial, the difficulty in solving an equation depends on the particular equation or type of equation.

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An ordinary differential equation, abbreviated by ode, is much easier to solve than a partial differential equation. Among odes, the linear differential equation is the simplest type to solve. A linear differential equation is any differential equation that can be written in the form of a sum of a series of constant coefficients multiplied by derivatives of a function. The function is first order. For instance, the differential equation dy/dx - 2x - 1 = 0 is a linear differential equation. Solving this equation requires moving 2x + 1 to the other side and integrating both sides with respect to x to yield y = x^2 + x + C where C is a constant.

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