What Are the Different Types of Free Online Calculators?

Calculators are available online that perform simple arithmetic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, in addition to square roots and percentages. Online scientific calculators are used to handle more complex operations involving trigonometric functions, exponents, logarithms and factorials. Specialized calculators are available online for fields such as finance, construction, statistics and nutrition.

Calculator.net offers a number of specialized calculators. In the financial category, the website has calculators to compute mortgages, retirement savings, income tax planning and take-home pay. The site also has calculators to aid in weight loss by helping dieters determine their body mass index, track their caloric intake and figure Weight Watchers point values for various foods. The website has a few unusual calculators as well, including an ovulation calculator, a British thermal unit calculator to estimate the amount of BTUs required to heat or cool a home, and a bra-size calculator.

The website CalculatorSoup.com presents more specialized calculators. This website has a construction calculator to help estimate concrete volume, road fill volume and tank fill volume. Calculators are available to help students with solid and plane geometry. Users who like sports and games can find calculators to help them determine fantasy football draft pick values and forecast odds for games of chance.