How Do You Find Diameter?

How Do You Find Diameter?

There are different ways to find the diameter of a circle depending on what information you start with. If you know the circumference of the circle, divide the circumference by pi to find the diameter.

  1. Understand the meaning of pi

    The ratio of the circumference of a circle to the diameter is pi. This means for every one unit of the diameter, there are pi units of the circumference. Pi does not have an exact numerical representation, but 3.14 is a close approximation.

  2. Divide by pi

    Divide the value of the circle's circumference by pi. This gives the diameter of the circle.

  3. Keep your units consistent

    If the circumference is given in a specific unit of measurement, such as centimeters, then the diameter is also expressed in the same way. If no unit is given, do not add one to the diameter.