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One of the "cute" equations concerning love was introduced in the 1900 mathematical works of the British doctor, Havelock Ellis. Very simply, the equation provided the following formula: Love = Sex + Friendship. In 1956, Iran prime minister, Mehdi Bazargan, provided an equation for love in the thermodynamic terms of W = U - TS, where W = demand, U = capacity of need and TS = bound energy.

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Bound energy, in the above equation, is defined as the energy of a system unavailable to do external-type work. Mechanically, the term is synonymous with the quantity of heat "Q" that is transmitted into the body at "T" or temperature to elevate its entropy to a value of "S." Free energy represents the leftover energy that can be converted into external work.

In 2010, Tony Dooley, an Australian math professor, sent out a press release for a newly founded fiancée equation meant to determine the best age to propose, reports Hmolpedia. To calculate the formula, a person decides the oldest age he wants to be when he gets married. Then, he needs to consider the age he wants to be when he starts getting serous about the people he dates. Dooley used the answers to subtract the younger age from the older age to obtain an answer to the first part of the formula. Once he obtained this answer, he multiplied the result by 0.368. That answer was then added to the younger age to obtain the oldest proposal age.

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