What Is a Cubic Centimeter Equal to in Volume?

cubic-centimeter-equal-volume Credit: Stepan Popov/E+/Getty Images

One cubic centimeter is equal to one milliliter, or a thousandth of a liter. This also means that a cube that is one cubic centimeter measures one centimeter on all of its sides (length, width and height).

The use of either cubic centimeter or milliliter varies among different countries and industries. In the scientific field, most favor the use of milliliters over cubic centimeters. In the United States, both automotive and medical fields still prefer the use of cubic centimeter. Outside the United States, much of the automotive industry has switched to using liters. In the United Kingdom, the use of millilitres is preferred in the medical field, but cubic centimetres is still the choice in the automotive industry. A majority of the other English-speaking nations have the same preferences as the UK.