How Do You Create a Flow Chart?


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To create a flowchart, decide on the starting and ending points of one process. Then, map out each step in the process, indicating where decisions must be made and the outcome of those decisions.

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  1. Identify one process for the flowchart

    Determine why you are creating a flowchart. Consider who is using it and what they need to do with the information. Carefully identify only one starting point for the task. Make that starting point the beginning of the flowchart.

  2. Define every step of the process

    Be careful to be accurate in describing each step so that the chart is easy to follow for the user.

  3. Illustrate alternative choices and outcomes

    If at any point a decision has to be made, illustrate the possible choices by providing different branches in the flowchart. Label the possible choices with different arrows leading to new areas on the flowchart.

  4. Continue the chart for all possible outcomes

    For each new branch of the flowchart, continue explaining each step of what happens after that occurs. Continue to do this until the final outcome you decided at the beginning is reached. Document other outcomes from other choices or process variations.

  5. Explain poor outcomes if necessary

    Describe undesirable outcomes for some branches of the flowchart if they are a possibility.

  6. Test the flowchart

    Check that the flowchart is accurate by following each step and each branch to be certain every possibility and outcome is fully explained.

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