What Are Some Cool Tessellations?


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Some cool tessellations involve using patterns in contrasting colors, animal shapes, smaller patterns hidden within larger patterns and patterns designed by the creator that have an impressionist appeal. A tessellation is a pattern of shapes that fit perfectly together without spaces between them. A tessellation can be regular, irregular or demiregular.

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The appeal of a tessellation may have as much to do with the color combinations and hues that the artist chooses to color the shapes as the intriguing qualities of the shapes themselves and how they play off each other. Using animal shapes or more impressionist shapes, such as a wingspan that may suggest a number of creatures, also creates mystery and intrigue in the repetition of the image. An endless-mirror type of effect is created from the repetition of shapes within shapes, a pattern that does not need too much color to enhance it.

Artists use either computer programs or cut-outs designed on graph paper to create very complex tessellations. However, the most memorable works usually result when artists inject their own vision and personality into it. The repetition of patterns in a tessellation can make for an impressive personal stamp on the work, and artists and architects have used tessellated designs in buildings, textiles and even paintings for thousands of years.

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