How Do You Convert Numbers to Words?

To convert numbers to words, start on the left side. If groups of digits are separated by commas, take one group at a time. Write the words for that group, and add "thousand," or "million" if necessary. Continue, ending with the last digit on the right. Calculator Soup Online Calculator Resource converts numbers to words automatically.

If a number contains more than three digits, commas are generally placed at three-digit intervals. Within each set of three, the first digit represents hundreds, the second digit represents tens, and the third digit represents ones. The three digits on the right do not have any additional word added (if there is no decimal point). The next three digits to the left have the word "thousand." After that comes "million," "billion" and "trillion." The highest group of numbers must be written first because the number is read from left to right.

If there is a zero, skip that place value and go to the next digit. Each digit must be named according to its own place value.

If there are numbers other than zero after the decimal point, convert the decimal point to the word "and." Do not use "and" in any other place.

After the decimal, the first digit represents tenths. Moving right, the next is hundredths, and then thousandths. If there are thousandths, group the three numbers to the right of the decimal point, write the number they represent, and add "thousandths" at the end.