How Do You Convert BTU to KWh?


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To convert BTU to kWh, divide the BTU value by 3412.1414799, which is the number of BTUs that equals 1 kWh.The British Thermal Unit, or BTU, unlike its name would suggest, is most commonly used in the United States to measure the heat output of a furnace or other heat-generating device. Being able to convert BTU to kWh is important as it helps to determine the energy output (generally expressed as kWh) used to generate the BTU value that you are interested in.

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How Do You Convert BTU to KWh?
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  1. Record your BTU value to start

    You will start by writing (or inputting into a calculator) your BTU value. As an example, use 6,000 for BTU that you wish to convert to kWh.

  2. Divide your BTU value by the kWh conversion factor

    In this example, you will divide 6,000 by 3412.1414799.

  3. Take note of your final answer

    When you divide 6,000 by 3412.1414799, you will arrive at 1.76 kWh. This means that you will use 1.76 kilowatts of energy per hour to generate 6,000 BTU of heat. As an example, if the 6,000 BTU heater is running at an electricity rate of $1 per kW, approximately every 11 hours you will spend another $20 running your heater.

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