How Do You Convert 70 Mph to Kph?


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To convert mph, or miles per hour, to kph, or kilometers per hour, you need to know that there are 1.60934400061 kph per 1 mph. Use a calculator, a piece of paper and a pencil to perform the conversion.

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  1. Gather your supplies

    Use a calculator as well as a piece of paper and a pencil to calculate how many kilometers per hour are in a single mile per hour.

  2. Write the equation

    Write 70 x 1.60934400061 on your paper.

  3. Use your calculator

    Multiply 70 by 1.60934400061 by hitting the appropriate buttons on your calculator.

  4. Write the answer

    Discover that 70 x 1.60934400061 = 112.65408004302844. Write the answer: 70 mph equals 112.65408004302844 kph.

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