How Do You Convert 330 Ml to Oz?

Some liquid measurements are given in milliliters (ml), and others are given in fluid ounces (oz). The ability to quickly convert them can be very helpful for cooking or chemistry activities. Conversion can be done using the ratio 1 Fluid Ounce [US] : 29.57353 Milliliters

  1. Know the conversion rate

    One liquid ounce contains approximately 29.57353 milliliters of volume. In most cases, it is appropriate to round to 30 milliliters. The conversion equations are: 1 oz = 29.57353 ml, or approximately 30 ml and 1 ml = 0.33814 oz, or approximately 1/30 oz

  2. Multiply by the rate

    If you have 330 ml that you want to convert to liquid ounces, you must cancel out the units. A unit divided by itself is cancelled. Because 1 ounce is about equal to 30 ml, (1 oz)/(30 ml) = 1 and can be multiplied to change the units and not the value. 330 ml * 1 oz / 30 ml = 11 oz * ml / ml = 11 oz

  3. Check your answer

    Make sure your answer makes sense. For example, if you went from ounces to milliliters, you need a greater number of milliliters for the same volume. You can also check your answer by performing the inverse operation to see if you arrive back at your original number.