How Do You Convert 250 Degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit?

To accurately convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, use the following formula: degrees in Celsius times 9, divided by 5 plus 32 equals degrees Fahrenheit. If you only desire a rough estimate for smaller amounts, such as temperature, a quick and easy way is to double the degrees Celsius and add 30.

  1. Multiply by nine

    To begin, take the original degrees in Celsius and multiply by nine. In this example: 250 x 9 = 2250.

  2. Divide by five

    Take the product from the first step and divide it by five. Continuing with this example: 2250 divided by five gives 450.

  3. Add 32

    Finally, take the answer from the second step and add 32. For this example, 450 plus 32 is 482. So, 250 degrees Celsius is equal to 482 degrees Fahrenheit.