What Are Some Concepts for Online High School Algebra?

What Are Some Concepts for Online High School Algebra?

Linear functions, inequalities and radical expressions are concepts included in online high school algebra. Graphing linear equations is another concept for online high school algebra.

Online high school algebra covers the properties of real numbers. It goes over how to solve single variable equations. It also covers how to solve systems of equations and inequalities by graphing and using an algebraic approach.

The course teaches students how to find the slope of a line given two points and write linear equations in standard form and point slope form. It also discusses how to find the X- and Y-intercepts of a line.

Online algebra courses teach rules concerning exponents and exponential functions. Students can use these rules to simplify expressions. The course also covers how to work with polynomials and factors. It shows students how to solve quadratic equations using the quadratic formula, factoring or completing the square.

The course is a study of inverses of functions and the application of relationships between variables. It briefly goes over statistics and probability. Students study standard deviation and central tendency and learn how to analyze statistical measures.

High school algebra provides students a foundation for more advanced mathematics courses. It prepares students to solve algebraic problems and examine their real-life applications. Students who take online algebra courses can access the lessons via the Internet and study at their own pace. They can usually receive academic guidance from instructors and academic advisors.