What Are Some Concepts Learned in Algebra II?

What Are Some Concepts Learned in Algebra II?

Some concepts students learn in Algebra II include logarithmic functions, exponential numbers and complex numbers. Algebra II students learn to manipulate functions and explore linear and quadratic equations.

In Algebra II, students learn to add and subtract complex numbers – numbers that contain unknown digits that mathematicians usually give letter designations. This includes adding and subtracting both positive and negative integers. Students then learn to multiply and divide complex numbers and work with the absolute values of complex numbers.

Algebra II students learn to identify and solve polynomials. Students learn to calculate constants, variable functions and exponential functions located within polynomials.

Another topic in Algebra II is graphing. Students learn how to graph equations and they also learn how to rewrite and flip graphed equations. Topics in Algebra II include working with the binomial theorem and investigating the values in Pascal's triangle.

Other topics in Algebra II include exponents. An exponent indicates how many times to multiply a number by itself in an equation. Exponents are also called powers and indices. Students learn how to work with exponents when the exponential is zero. Exponential topics in Algebra II also include working with reciprocals, which allow students to work more simply with exponential numbers.