What Computer Programs Can You Use to Learn Algebra?


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Algebrator, MathTutor Algebra 1 and Basic Algebra Shape-Up are computer programs that teach algebra. These programs are designed to help break down math problems into steps, show how to solve equations and explain methods and formulas.

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Algelbrator helps solve problems in pre-algebra, college-level algebra, statistics and trigonometry. It covers solving equations and inequalities, simplifying expressions, graphing solutions and identifying complex numbers.

MathTutor Algebra 1 offers interactive algebra 1 lessons for students of all abilities, and the lessons progress from simple to challenging so the students gain skills and confidence. It has algebra 1 coursework created by math educators and lessons that are good for self-study.

Basic Algebra Shape-Up helps students learn basic algebra skills. It begins with an assessment, and the students get instructional feedback throughout the self-monitored, self-paced program.

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