What Are Some Common Math Vocabulary Words?

What Are Some Common Math Vocabulary Words?

Some common math vocabulary words are line, digit, equation, angle and estimate. These terms are applicable to basic math and more advanced studies, such as geometry or algebra.

A line is a straight collection of points that continues indefinitely in both directions. If multiple lines are present, the lines are either intersecting, parallel or skew. Intersecting lines share one common point and continue away from one another. Parallel lines are lines that are in the same plane, they never intersect and always remain the exact same distance apart. Skew lines are lines that are not in the same plane but never intersect.

The 10 numeral symbols in standard math are called digits. The number 4091 contains four digits: 4, 0, 9 and 1.

An equation is any math statement that includes an equals sign. The equal sign signifies that both parts of the equation have the same numerical value. Many equations contain a variable, which is a letter inserted into the equation in the place of a number value. The solution to an equation is made by determining the value that the variable represents.

The v shape that is formed by two lines intersecting is an angle. The point that the two sides intersect at is the vertex of the angle. An angle is measured using degrees. A straight angle is an angle that measures 180 degrees, making it resemble a line.

An estimate is a rough guess or calculation that is formed by looking at the given information and using prior knowledge or simplification to make assumptions.