What Is Common Core Math?

Common Core math is a program that focuses on problem-solving, analytical and critical-thinking skills. The program promises to prepare students for college courses at the freshman level, workforce training classes and entry-level careers. Experts and teachers worked together to create the program in hopes of offering more consistent standards.

Teachers use the Common Core math program to teach students from kindergarten through their senior year in high school. Teachers measure their students’ progress all through the year to help them succeed in the program. Common Core uses a more specific approach instead of broad generalities in math problems. Students use research-based skills to solve math problems that have everyday life skills, collegiate and career ideals woven in. The program focuses on organizing principles and using the laws of arithmetic to help structure those skills.

As of 2014, 43 states plus the District of Columbia use the Common Core math program. The standards are evidence-based and strive to be clear and understandable. Common Core uses higher-order thinking skills to solve math problems and was developed to align with the demanding career and higher education world. Each grade level has its own set of guidelines regarding what the students are to learn throughout the year.