Where Can You Find an Understandable Multiplication Table for Kids to Use?

MathWorksheets4Kids.com, TopMarks.co.uk, Multiplication.com, and CoolMath4Kids.com offer clear multiplication table resources for children. MathWorksheets4Kids.com provides black-and-white and color multiplication worksheets, as well as colorful multiplication charts. One chart features popular cartoon characters from the "Angry Birds" video games. Partially filled charts challenge students to identify patterns in multiplication and complete a series of math facts. Printable single-page tables are designed to help students practice multiplication.

Math games on TopMarks.co.uk are designed for students who are beginning to learn multiplication facts. These online games include "Hit the Button," which quizzes students on times tables. Another game teaches the 4 times table by asking students to pop multiplication fact bubbles in an undersea scene. A simple grid game encourages students to fill in multiplication facts; students may compete in a timed game or go at their own pace. A matching game lists multiplication facts for tables 1 through 9; students can follow along with the material as it is presented to them.

Multiplication.com uses pictures to help students remember the numbers in their multiplication tables. This method is based on the idea that it is easier for children to remember math facts if they are associated with humorous, colorful stories and images. It appeals to visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners: children who learn best through pictures, words and movement. The lessons are organized in six steps, including learning with pictures, reviewing, understanding, playing games and taking quizzes. In one example, children learn how to solve 2 x 9 by remembering a story about a giant living in a forest.

CoolMath4Kids.com presents simple, colorful object lessons for multiplication. A lattice multiplication lesson teaches students how to multiply large numbers. CoolMath4Kids.com recommends that children memorize the times tables in order to master them. It offers multiplication flash cards to help students with this task.