Where Can You Find a Timetable Grid?


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You can find a timetable grid at SenTeacher.org and MathIsFun.com. SenTeacher.com has a multiplication grid that you can download or print. MathIsFun.com has a timetable grid you can use online or print.

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MathIsFun.com recommends doing multiplication table training or drills for five minutes each day. The website has online exercises so you can train yourself to remember multiplication facts.

Using visual aids helps with memorization, making timetable grids popular tools for learning how to multiply. One way to practice is to look at a timetable grid and choose one row. Point to each answer in a row, and say it out loud. Cover up the answers in the row, and see if you can repeat the answers from memory. Once you memorize a row, move on to the next row.

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