How Can You Teach Yourself Calculus?

How Can You Teach Yourself Calculus?

To learn calculus outside of a classroom, develop a plan or a schedule to follow. Gather all the materials that you will need, both in print and online. Finally, stick to the schedule.

  1. Create a learning plan

    Develop a learning plan. To learn calculus outside of a classroom experience, a plan or syllabus is needed. Determine how long will be spent on each subject. Devote time to answer questions, take practice tests and review any wrong answers.

  2. Gather print materials

    It is helpful to use print materials such as college textbooks or workbooks. Amazon offers books that contain full diagrams, instructions, explanations and answers. Textbooks may also come with outside reference materials and links to online practice tests.

  3. Gather online materials

    Use the Internet as a resource and take time to research calculus programs. Sites such as Saylor Academy, Open Culture, and Khan Academy have full courses on calculus and a variety of other subjects. Use these online learning tools to save time in developing a plan or schedule.

  4. Stick to a schedule

    Use a friend to encourage you and motivate you in your learning or form a study group with others who are interested in learning the same subject.