Where Can You Find Help Solving Basic Algebra Equations?


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Some websites that offer either tutorials or detailed lessons are Khan Academy, Cool Math and Purple Math. Each of these sites provide help in solving different types of algebra problems, such as one and two-step problems, exponents, radicals, polynomials and linear equations.

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At the Khan Academy, there are tutorials and practice problems for basic algebra problems that involve either one or two steps. When students try to do these problems and need help, they can get a full explanation of how to solve the particular problem. Similarly, the site has more advanced algebra lessons and tutorials.

Additionally, both the Cool Math and Purple Math sites offer algebra lessons for different topics, ranging from algebra basics to graphing polynomials and matrices. At the Purple Math site, lessons are arranged by topics, such as beginning, intermediate and advanced algebra lessons. In the beginning section, students can learn to solve problems that involve simple linear equations, factoring and adding or subtracting polynomials.

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