Where Can Second-Grade Math Materials Be Found?


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Two online sources for second-grade math materials are GreatSchools.org and K5 Learning. GreatSchools provides downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF format math worksheets at no charge, and is a nonprofit organization dedicated to better education, as stated on the organization's website. The K5 Learning website sells downloadable math workbooks, and also provides free math worksheets in downloadable PDF format or as HTML that can be printed or saved directly from the Web page.

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In addition to its downloadable materials, K5 Learning offers fee-based online math and reading programs for children at the kindergarten through fifth-grade levels. The online programs are designed to allow children to progress at their own pace and are suitable for homeschooling, after-school study and for gifted or special-needs students, as noted on the company website. No-fee downloadable second-grade worksheet categories include counting money, telling time, measurement and price value and rounding. Many of the K5 Learning worksheets make use of pictorial representations, such as currency and clock faces.

Before downloading any files, the GreatSchools website lets visitors browse and preview more than 100 second-grade level math worksheets with a zoom feature that displays a pop-up of the worksheet. Descriptive texts for each of the worksheets are also provided. In addition to math, the website makes available no-fee downloadable worksheets in the areas of science, reading, word lists and writing. Materials in grade levels from preschool through fifth grade are provided.

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