How Can You Find Sample Area and Perimeter Problems?

How Can You Find Sample Area and Perimeter Problems?

Sample area and perimeter problems can be found at Math Goodies, Funbrain, Math Playground and Math Worksheets 4 Kids. Sample problems are available in several formats, including printable worksheets, video lessons and interactive games, all of which are free.

Math Goodies offers area and perimeter lessons that include several sample problems with detailed explanations accompanying the solution, as well as online practice problems that automatically provide an assessment of whether the answer is correct or incorrect.

Shape Surveyor is an area and perimeter game from Funbrain. Students choose from four difficulty levels and can solve perimeter problems, area problems or a combination of the two. Players earn a puzzle piece for each correct answer and win the game when all pieces are collected.

Math Playground has a video lesson that features a story about a sister and brother who need to build a puppy pen. The video illustrates how to find the perimeter and gives students the opportunity to solve the problem, and then explains the difference between perimeter and area. The lesson concludes with interactive area and perimeter practice problems.

Students who prefer hands-on sample problems can find assorted area and perimeter worksheets at, including problems about the area of a square or the area and perimeter of a rectangular path, as well as missing length problems and mixed review sheets. These worksheets are available in varying difficulty levels and include answer keys.