How Can You Find a Free Online Payroll Tax Calculator?


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Free online payroll tax calculators are available at sites such as PayCheckCity.com and PayrollManager.com. Both of these sites provide fast and easy methods of computing payroll taxes for each state, along with other useful tools.

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PaycheckCity payroll calculators allow users to select one of the calculations they wish to perform, choose the applicable state, and enter the requested payroll information. The website calculates all deductions, withholdings and contributions, and displays these amounts along with net pay. It has an hourly wage application that can accept up to six hourly pay rates, and provides a calculator for salaried employees.

PaycheckCity also features a bonus pay calculator that computes bonus pay deductions using either the aggregate or percentage methods. The site also provides an online W-4 calculator that determines the appropriate federal and state withholding amounts, and a 401(k) calculator that computes how increasing contributions to a 401(k) can affect a user’s paycheck and retirement savings.

Paycheck Manager features a free payroll calculator that provides users with straight-forward and state-specific payroll information. It displays the rates as well as amounts for each tax or withholding, and shows year-to-date totals. It can also use the employee payroll information to compute the employer’s tax contributions. The site uses secured servers to save information and includes software to prepare, view and print paychecks, payment vouchers and payroll reports.

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