How Can You Create a Pie Chart Online?


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T create a pie chart online, visit a website such as RapidTables.com or Meta-Chart.com, and fill in the fields to populate the chart. Each online chart-making tool has its own way of asking for data, but most require entering names and corresponding numeric values for slices, and choosing display options.

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How Can You Create a Pie Chart Online?
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Some online chart-making tools are very simple, allowing you to make an easy-to-read graph very quickly. Others allow you to fine-tune details such as the colors of the individual slices, fonts of labels, background color and more. Changing these can make your chart look appealing, but avoid making an attractive chart that is hard to understand. Contrasting colors and simple fonts work well, and since your chart can be updated as you change options, it's easy to experiment. Choose how the slices are labeled, and give your chart a sensible title. Many tools have a 3D option that can give your chart some visual depth.

If you have a lot of data that is tedious to enter by hand, then a pie chart is probably not the way to visualize it. Instead, consider choosing another way to display your data. Pie charts are good for showing proportions between a small number of slices.

When you are finished entering the information, save your chart. Some tools allow you to choose between multiple formats, so choose a format that works with other software that you use.

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