Where Can You Find a Chart of All the Multiples From 1-100?

A chart of all products for multiples up to 100 is available at NCalculators.com. Many other websites offer charts for smaller multiples, including FactorZone.Tripod.com and Memory-Improvement-Tips.com.

NCalculators.com provides a full listing of all multiples between 1 and 100, which results in a 101-by-101 grid of 10,201 products. Due to the large size of this matrix, the site also highlights all perfect squares and allows the user to view the results of a single factor by clicking on a number in the column header. The entire chart can be printed if a large-size hard copy is desired.

Websites such as Factorzone.Tripod.com offer charts with one axis ranging from 1 to 100 while the other axis covers a smaller range, such as 1 to 10. This allows for calculation of large products while resulting in a significantly smaller chart.