How Can a Calculator Be Programmed to List Numbers From the Least to the Greatest?


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In order to sort numbers in ascending order, you first press the calculator's STAT key. You then press the number two on the number pad to select sorting in ascending order.

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After making your selection, enter the name of the list you want to sort by pressing the "2nd" key and then the number one followed by the right arrow key, the up arrow key and then the enter key. Press the letter "L" before entering the list name so that the calculator knows that it is accessing a list data type. The next step is to enter a right parentheses, and then press the enter key. This sorts the list. To view the sorted list on the viewing screen, press STAT followed by the number one.

This method requires that the lists you are sorting have already been defined and stored in the calculator's memory. If you wish to sort a list in descending or decreasing order, select the number three instead of two after pressing the STAT key the first time. It is also possible to sort multiple lists at the same time by entering each list name separated by a comma instead of just one list name.

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