How Can I Calculate the Mass of Everyday Objects?


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According to Newton's Second Law of Motion, force is equal to the product of mass and gravitational acceleration. The formula is F=mg. Because weight is also a force, you can calculate the mass of everyday objects by using the same formula.

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How Can I Calculate the Mass of Everyday Objects?
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  1. Weigh the object

    Use an accurate balance to find the weight of the object. Use beam balances for small objects and spring balances for larger ones.

  2. Weigh the object again for utmost accuracy

    If you find more than one weight, take the average to minimize errors in the final reading.

  3. Use the formula

    Insert the weight value in the place of "F" in the formula to provide the force. Use 9.81 m/s^2 as the value of gravitational acceleration. Divide "F" by "g" to find the mass of the object.

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